Saturday, 20 May 2017

8th May: Sitcom Workshop

Hastings Writers Group was very fortunate to welcome local script writer, poet, producer and performer John Knowles. He presented a workshop on writing comedy, sharing very funny stories of his own life and experiences. We were treated to videos of performances some of John’s work. These showed how easy it is to make people laugh – if you happen to be extremely talented, intelligent and blessed with a sharp, sometimes dark, sense of humour. John gave us some useful tools to help us prepare for our forthcoming sit-com writing competition. These included advice on character and plot set-ups as well as some practical tips relating to script writing and the best reference books and computer software available. Members were entertained and inspired in equal measure.

24 April Life Writing Readings

Members read out their entries to the life writing competition. The fascinating accounts covered decades and spanned continents. We heard amusing anecdotes about much loved parents and grandparents, and stories passed down through generation, possibly embellished along the way. We enjoyed autobiographical accounts. These included tales of childhood chronicled through accidents, illnesses and medical treatments. We also heard an interesting tale of one boy’s efforts to raise money for a ski trip by working in a fizzy drinks factory. We heard reflections of consciousness and happiness made during a slightly booze-filled trip around Hastings and considered death and its portrayal in the media. Another fun meeting showcasing the diverse styles of our very creative members.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Song Writing Competition Results - 3 April 2017

On 3rd April, Ken Edwards, writer, poet and musician, gave his feedback on our song writing competition entries.  Ken was surprised by the variety of genre, the quality and strengths, given we had not done this before.  This was a difficult competition to judge because the quality and finish of the final submissions were so different, with some entrants being masterful with music, some using their own melody and others using existing tunes for their lyrics. Ken judged the work on the potential of the song.  All those who took part agreed it was challenging and took them out of their comfort zones.
First Place went to Diana Lock with "Friend Me"
Second Place went to Chris King with "Just Another Love Song (chasing resurrection blues)"
Third Place went to Liz Caluori with "The Elephant in the Room"
Fourth place went to Emma Boyde with "Emptinest"

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

20th March 2017 - Quiz Night

        On 20th March we held a hugely enjoyable literary quiz, expertly put together by members Sam Davey and Vicky Armstrong. The four teams were challenged to identify books from a single line of text and to complete the names of authors given their initials. There was also a round showing the covers of popular children’s books which was clearly much harder than it looked - as our most commercially successful author, Kate O’Hearn, found when faced with her own book!!! First Place (and a box of chocolates each) went to ‘The Heebeesheehees’, consisting of Chris King, Godfrey Forder, Kate O’Hearn and Liz Caluori (147.5points). In second place were ‘Bill’s Stickers’; Marcia Woolf, Dick Kempson, Bill Petsing, Kelly Williams, Sarah Harris (138 points). Third place went to ‘The Bright Young Things’; Eileen Masters, Emma Boyde, Maddie Blake, Sam Turner and Diana Locke (125.5 points) and winners of the much coveted  wooden spoons were ‘Clueless’, made up of Kerry Mintern,  Amanda Giles, Anne Hooker and Rosemary Bartholomew (a very respectable 103 points).