Thursday, 17 January 2013

Meeting Report - Monday 14 January 2013

On Monday 14 January we met for our first meeting of 2013. Attendance was excellent – clearly members were anxious to beat the January blues and get their creative writing brains into gear.  
     One of our resident star authors, Kate O’Hearn, author of a number of best-selling novels for young people including the ‘Pegasus’ series, led a workshop on how to present our work to a publisher.
     Kate used her own latest book, ‘Valkyrie’ as an example, showing us the different stages from submission of initial synopsis to readying the work for publication. Most important, she highlighted key success factors and warned us of potential pitfalls.
     We very much appreciated Kate’s efforts, and her honesty in sharing the ups and downs of a writer’s life with us. Hopefully, we all gained some valuable insights.
     In addition to the workshop, the group heard a short presentation on progress towards our new website, from our Publicity Officer, Stephanie Gaunt, and also discussed a possible reciprocal arrangement with another Writers’ Group, initiated by member Richard Holdsworth.