Sunday, 6 July 2014

Life Writing Results - 16 June 2014

We are always excited when it comes to competition results time, and on Monday 16 June it was no exception. This time it was Life Writing, with our judge, writer and creative writing tutor Andrea Samuelson.
      Judging this particular genre is hard, because people often share experiences they have never talked about, let alone written about before, and the judge must be sensitive to the emotions generated by these revelations. However, Andrea dealt with these issues carefully and well.
       The eventual winners were: in joint fourth place, Jill Fricker with 'A Very Ordinary Miracle' and Mike Walsh with 'Fearless Mary Fosdick'. Third was Marcia Woolf, with 'Miss Brockway's Legacy', second, John Cole with 'Chasing Rats'.  The winner was Roz Balp, with a funny and well-observed piece, 'Job Quest'.