Thursday, 6 April 2017

Song Writing Competition Results - 3 April 2017

On 3rd April, Ken Edwards, writer, poet and musician, gave his feedback on our song writing competition entries.  Ken was surprised by the variety of genre, the quality and strengths, given we had not done this before.  This was a difficult competition to judge because the quality and finish of the final submissions were so different, with some entrants being masterful with music, some using their own melody and others using existing tunes for their lyrics. Ken judged the work on the potential of the song.  All those who took part agreed it was challenging and took them out of their comfort zones.
First Place went to Diana Lock with "Friend Me"
Second Place went to Chris King with "Just Another Love Song (chasing resurrection blues)"
Third Place went to Liz Caluori with "The Elephant in the Room"
Fourth place went to Emma Boyde with "Emptinest"