Sunday, 26 June 2016

Purple Book Tour Workshop - 20 June, 2016

On 20th June, Leslie Tate and Sue Hampton visited to give an interactive presentation on the modern novel as part of their popular Purple Book Tour. They covered such topics as voice and stylistic differences, point of view and current writing styles, with reference to their own work. It was a stimulating evening with an often original and contentious slant and gave us all food for thought.

Humour Entries - 6th June, 2016

On 6th June, members met to read out their entries for our third competition of the year: humour. We all know that comedy is really, really hard to write and we all agreed that it was verging on impossible to be funny to order. Despite that, there was the usual impressive variety of work, ranging from the dark, through the satirical to the gentler and just plain silly. At any rate, we had a bit of a giggle, and we look forward to our judge, Sally Holloway's feedback.