Monday, 3 March 2014

Workshop on Point of View - Monday 17 February 2014

It was challenging for all of us on Monday 17 February when we took part in a workshop on 'Point of View'. The session was led by one of our favourite outside experts, former English Literature lecturer Dr. Elizabeth Allen.
     The issue of 'point of view' is one of the most difficult areas for any writer - whether to choose the first person 'I' (or sometimes 'we), the second person 'you', or the third person 'his', 'her' or 'they'. Then, once chosen - how to stick with it and use it effectively.
     As ever, the meeting was very well attended.
     We were pleased to hear from Kate O'Hearn that she has now signed a contract to produce further books in her best-selling 'Pegasus' series.