Friday, 12 April 2013

Creativity Workshop with Stephanie Gaunt: 8 April 2013

On Monday 8 April members gathered for a Creativity Workshop, led by HWG Committee member Stephanie Gaunt, who ran a management consultancy company in a previous life. Steph encouraged everyone to discuss how they got their inspiration and how they motivated themselves to sit down and write, and what tips they could offer their colleagues. In addition, we discussed why coming to a writers’ group is helpful. Members felt that as well as the company of like-minded people, the group provided structure, and opportunities to try out different styles of writing and different techniques.
     As a creative writing exercise, members were each given a lucky ‘hag’ stone with a hole in, from the beach, and each person composed a haiku about their stone. The winner was Anne Hooker
     This year, the group is putting together an anthology of short pieces about animals, part of the profits from which will benefit animal charities. At the meeting, members voted on their favourite charities, and also discussed their preferred title for the new publication. Results will be announced shortly.