Thursday, 17 March 2011

Meeting Report: 7th March 2011

On 7 March, Hastings Writers’ Group got to howk (dig) deep into their brains and work out the meanings of such neglected lexical gems as ‘carriwitchet’, ‘pilgarlic’ and ‘bullimong’. One of our members, Richard Holdsworth, took time out from his busy schedule promoting his latest book In the Hot Seat to organise a fun and fascinating quiz on the ‘Words of Yesteryear’. This was followed by a related exercise in which members had to incorporate as many of these tricky terms as they could into an impromptu piece of writing. They ranged from a poem, inspired by ‘The Jabberwocky’, to a dark tale of rustic crime. Finally, scores for both the quiz and the story were combined, and Laura O’Brien won a well-deserved bottle of wine.
If you love words and writing, why not come along to one of our meetings and give it a go?
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