Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Meeting Report: 4th April 2011

At our meeting on 4th April members enjoyed hearing Mike Walsh’s story 'The Bells of Christmas Morning', which was the runner-up in our Catherine Cookson Cup competition last year.

John Cole put forward the idea of members writing reviews of books they had particularly enjoyed so that these could be shared on the group blog. He started the ball rolling by reading 'Plain Vanilla Closeness' his own review of 'The Corrections' by Jonathan Franzen.

This was followed by reading of extracts from various works in progress for constructive feedback. Pauline Piper read the prologue and beginning of her crime novel ‘Driven’, set in and around Hastings, whilst Amanda Giles had group members getting into character by reading parts from her radio play ‘Jewel’. Alan Crozier ended the evening with a further chapter from his hard-edged science-fiction novel ‘Black Daffodils’. These were all very different and made a stimulating variety for listeners to discuss and offer their comments on.

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