Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Journalism Entries - 1st June, 2015

On 1st June members met to read out their entries for our third competition of the year: journalistic writing. Seventeen aspiring reporters had risen to the challenge of writing an article or opinion piece, including current affairs or topics of ongoing interest, as well as items that might appear in the middle of a newspaper. Everyone marvelled at the astonishing range of styles and subject matter. We found out about youth schemes, the transgender issue and how to prepare a teenager for A levels. We heard heartfelt rants about parking, racism and inequality for the poor and disabled. We travelled along Grey Owl's trail, explored the secret prehistory of the Bexhill bypass and rattled around in an ossuary. We listened to reviews of a festival, a book and a restaurant and found out about people's claims to fame. All in all, it was a fascinating and informative evening, and we look forward to our judge, Kathryn Flett's, feedback.

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