Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Poetry Entries - 18th July, 2016

On 18th July, we read out our entries for our fourth competition of the year: poetry, beautifully and aptly summed up in this little ditty by our Treasurer, Sam Davey:

In a room of budding poets,
Words are flowing – don’t you know it.
Sonnets, ballads and some haiku,
Laments, couplets to name a few,
Erotic missiles and dying drummer,
Silent Angus – what a bummer,
Grains of sand and introspection,
Beach huts ready for inspection,
Songs of sadness, songs of magic,
Global madness, personal, tragic –
In a room of poetry,
Weaving words beside the sea.

The group also agreed to accept Rosemary Bartholomew's proposal to produce a children's anthology as part of our celebration of the group's 70-year existence.

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