Sunday, 5 February 2017

23 January 2017 AGM and Group Writing Exercise

On 23rd January we held our annual general meeting. Feedback from the treasurer confirmed that the group’s accounts are healthy. The chairperson reflected on the successes of 2016 and outlined an exciting programme for 2017, including events to mark the group’s 70th anniversary.  The committee members were all re-elected unopposed. With all matters dealt with swiftly and efficiently, there was time for members to take part in a shared story writing exercise. Each member wrote for a sentence or two before passing their paper to the person on their left, who added a contribution before passing it on again. The stories, around 20 in total, were all wonderful and most were weird. The reading of the stories was completely hilarious and included a great deal of dark humour. It was reassuring to consider that there are few situations that can’t be resolved with a bit of creative thinking. For example, the threat of a meteor hurtling towards earth was fairly easily averted by simply allowing Bruce Willis to run around Dungeness Power Station in a grubby vest.

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