Tuesday, 28 March 2017

20th March 2017 - Quiz Night

        On 20th March we held a hugely enjoyable literary quiz, expertly put together by members Sam Davey and Vicky Armstrong. The four teams were challenged to identify books from a single line of text and to complete the names of authors given their initials. There was also a round showing the covers of popular children’s books which was clearly much harder than it looked - as our most commercially successful author, Kate O’Hearn, found when faced with her own book!!! First Place (and a box of chocolates each) went to ‘The Heebeesheehees’, consisting of Chris King, Godfrey Forder, Kate O’Hearn and Liz Caluori (147.5points). In second place were ‘Bill’s Stickers’; Marcia Woolf, Dick Kempson, Bill Petsing, Kelly Williams, Sarah Harris (138 points). Third place went to ‘The Bright Young Things’; Eileen Masters, Emma Boyde, Maddie Blake, Sam Turner and Diana Locke (125.5 points) and winners of the much coveted  wooden spoons were ‘Clueless’, made up of Kerry Mintern,  Amanda Giles, Anne Hooker and Rosemary Bartholomew (a very respectable 103 points).

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