Wednesday, 16 August 2017

August 14th 2017 - Results of the myths and fairy tales competition

At this week’s meeting we received the feedback and judging for our entries to the myths and fairy tales competition. Our stories were judged by Catherine Smith who, amongst many other things, very successfully writes poems, short stories and radio plays. Catherine gave very useful advice to each writer, particularly where she saw potential for stories to be adapted to form part of a series or to be developed into a full novel. She also saw potential for some to be animated or used as short film or radio scripts. Her feedback was very encouraging and left members feeling inspired. First place went to Vicky Armstrong, with her tale of Mrs Majuba and the League of Ladies, and Roz Balp took second place with The Moonlit Pool. In third place was Diana Lock, with Ayashe and the Red Crow. Fourth place was awarded to Maddie Blake for her story, The Princess and the Elf King.

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