Sunday, 20 April 2014

Results of Poetry Competition - 14 April 2014

On Monday 14 April we heard the results of our second competition of the year, poetry. Our guest judge was prize-winning local poet, Kim Lasky.
     Kim was very complimentary about our efforts, and gave comprehensive feedback to everyone who had entered.  She told us she was looking for the use of a poetry form which complemented and supported the subject matter, as well as the use of language and the rhythm of the poems.
     The eventual winners were: in joint fourth place, 'The Slip', Diana Lock, and 'On the Hill, Marcia Woolf'.  Roz Balp was in third place with 'Overkill', Sara Young was second with 'Jack', and the deserved winner was Jill Fricker with the moving 'Out of Niger'.

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