Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Results of Short Story Competition - 3 March 2014

On Monday 3 March a large group of members gathered to hear the results of our first competition for 2014 - producing a short story from a given first paragraph. The competition had also attracted a record number of entries, despite many members saying they found the task difficult.
     Our judge was up-and-coming thriller writer James Carol, who had also set the paragraph we had to work from. He had been impressed with the quality of the entries, and interested to see that some had used the paragraph to write a 'big' story, about cataclysm and disaster, and others to produce a 'small' more domestic drama.
The eventual winners were, in joint fourth place, Stephanie Gaunt with 'The Choice', and Jill Fricker with 'Falling to Earth'. New member Linda Blackhall was third with 'We are the People', second was Mike Walsh with the 'Wasteland', and our winner was Roz Balp with the mesmerising 'The New Order'.
     We were also pleased to welcome two prospective members at the meeting.

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