Friday, 11 May 2018

19 March 2018 - Poetry Results

Tonight members were very pleased to welcome back poet Kim Lasky, as the judge of our poetry competition. Kim had prepared a critique for each poem and these were shared with writers after each was read aloud to the group. Kim praised the standard of all entries. She explained that, although there was a great variety, she had been able to group them loosely into poems that focused on the art of writing, seasonal poems, protest poems and poems that dealt with loss or took us to different times or cultures. The results of the competition were as follows: Fourth, Liz Caluori ‘What a difference a day makes’; third, Roz Balp ‘Stork’s Flight’; second, Godfrey Forder ‘A load of old Pollocks’; and first, John Taylor ‘They are not missing they are here’.

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