Friday, 11 May 2018

9 April 2018 - Sci-fi Entries

Tonight we read our entries for the science fiction short story competition. In 2000 words
 members took us to outer space, back through time, and up the A21 to encounter chemically 
enhanced, floating traffic cones. We explored alternative energy sources obtained through 
crystals or the power of dreams, and plunged in to a world covered in water. We considered 
ethical issues, such as creating humans in laboratories, lethal injections and capitalising on 
the extinction of animal species. We also considered the dilemma of going to the bathroom 
leaving one wife in bed and returning to find a second, identical wife, sitting next to her. 
Assuming the world is not taken over by computers, or aliens….members will hear the 
competition results in a few weeks.

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